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Deathly Hallows

I finished the main story yesterday and the epilogue 3 hours ago. Overall I liked it but so much happened that I feel like I'm probably going to re-read it. When reading the book I kept stopping myself at less than 200 pages a day(most times it was between 70-120) because I didn't read it too quickly. I wanted to savor the experience and I'm glad I did. I liked how the story ended. It was a nice send off.

I feel like doing a long essay on Harry's morality and almost-Christlike existence but I don't have it in me right now.

Now that I've finished the story I can finally start reading Harry Potter fanfiction. I've ran across some very disturbing ones on ontd_twat and ontd(harry/flobberworm wtf!). The first one I'm going to try out I ran across on ontd. It's Draco/Hermione. I don't hate Ron and Hermione together in fact I think they're really cute at times, but I love the character of Hermione and can't help feeling that she could do much better. I do love Harry and Hermione's relationship. The graveyard scene as well as the scene after they read from Rita's book had me tearing up but I feel like their relationship is strictly platonic and I love it that. After Half Blood Prince I've really grown a fondness of Malfoy. He might be a spoiled selfish bigot but he does have a heart and the disgusting way in which his parents raised puts him in a state of great conflict. A lot of could have been done with that character that sadly wasn't but that's what fanfiction's for I guess.



April 2013

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